New Year 2018 is not far off. And more and more thoughts arise about how to decorate and serve the original dishes on the holiday table. The symbol of the upcoming 2018 year according to the eastern calendar is the Yellow (Ground) Dog. Since the mistress of the year is no different with his vegetarian inclinations and is not averse to eating with food of animal origin, meat and sausage cuts on the New Year's table will be very useful.

It remains only to present them beautifully. The best way to do this in the upcoming 2018 is to lay out the image of the dog with your own hands.


How to serve snacks for the New Year 2018 as a dog

This will require the following products:

  • sausage / cold cuts - 3 types;
  • cheese slicing;
  • pitted olives - 2 pcs;
  • sweet red pepper
  • egg;
  • greens.


First of all, you need to decide on which dish to spread the cut. It should be flat, large enough (at least 25 cm), round or square in shape.

Dish selected. You can now proceed. 1. Spread beef slice. This will be the head.


2. Put two pieces of salami around the edges - dog ears.


3. Next, you need to give the desired shape of a slice of cheese.


To do this, round its edges with a knife and make such a triangular cutout.


It turned out a kind of "dog cheeks" that you need to put on the bottom of the head.

It becomes like a dog face.


4. From egg white cut eyes. From above put black pupils - halves of olives.


5. Another of the olives make the nose.


6. From red pepper - tongue (or you can make a smile).


7. Parsley green is perfect for the image of the "hair" of our little dog.


8. The final step is to lay out the remaining sausage, meat and cheese cuts around the resulting portrait.

You can decorate with greens and corn kernels.

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