How to set a password to access the folder

You will need
  • - the Internet;
  • - Protect Folders program.
Download Protect Folders and install to your hard drive. You can find it on the site Installation of the program is quite simple and will not cause additional questions. It is also worth noting that such software is usually installed in the system directory of a hard disk, that is, in the place where the operating system is located.
Launch the Protect Folders program by double-clicking on the installation file. The main program window contains an area for displaying connected folders, and several settings control buttons. All menus of this software are in English, however, even a novice user will not have problems.
Click the Lock folders button to specify a directory that needs to restrict access rights of other users. Locate the desired folder in the tree and select it, then click “Ok” to confirm your choice.A window will appear to enter the password, write it and repeat in the next field to check. In the Hint field, you can write a special hint, which, if necessary, will help you remember the password.
Click the Lock Folder button to complete the password setup procedure. Now every time when accessing this folder, you will be asked to enter a secret word, password. Please note that setting a password using this program on folders of external media - a hard disk or flash drive - will not be effective. If you connect to a computer on which Protect Folders is not installed, you will not be prompted to enter a password.

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