How to set goals and achieve results

Clearly define a goal for yourself. Write it as detailed as possible. Thus, you will get a real task that you will constantly see.
Determine the deadline for completing your task. If it is too large, divide it several microtasks and write a deadline for each of them.
Write a list of what the goal requires. Replenish it if necessary.
When done making a list, arrange the tasks as important. Also, highlight those that you can not finish until the rest are completed.
Write down all the obstacles that may put you to perform a particular task. Get the necessary knowledge and skills, solve problems, if any.
Remember that the main thing is action. So get down to business as soon as you write the plan.
Get in the habit of daily planning your affairs.Every day, perform at least one action that brings you closer to your intended goal. After a while, you will notice that the most difficult tasks are solved instantly.

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