How to sew a belt?

The originally invented and properly stitched belt always decorates any clothes. Nationally Russian clothes were always present embroidered women's belts and men's sashes. In Soviet Russia, the belts were the most fashionable accessory: narrow, wide, plastic, fabric, from a wide dense colored elastic band, from woven leather ribbons, and many others. Now belts are also in fashion, and many prefer to do them themselves. After all, the exclusive original model of the belt always causes admiring glances of girlfriends! In this regard, there is quite a reasonable question, how to sew a belt?

Fabric belt

It is very easy to sew a fabric belt if you can sew on a typewriter. It is enough to be able to lay a simple line. We measure the waist volume of the future owner of the belt. We add 40 cm on each side to the ties. Now we cut a rectangle 8 cm wide (the belt will be 4 cm wide) equal to the waist length + 2 x 40 cm. On each side we add 0.5 cm, these are seam allowances. Now we begin to stitch the belt on the machine from the edge, we reach the middle of the length, we make a 3 cm pass, then we continue to scribble, we reach the other edge of the belt. Now we tie the knots at the edges and turn the belt through the hole in the middle.Now iron the seams, pre-sweeping large stitches, and thus marking the folds. Then we take a needle with thread to the color of the fabric, sew a hole in the middle of the belt with hidden stitches.

Wide belt with base

Now consider how to sew a wide belt with a base. This belt is very beautiful emphasizes the waist. It is necessary to cut a rectangle with a length equal to the waist circumference + 10 cm, and a width of 10-12 cm. We also add half a centimeter to the seams on each side. We sew, leaving a hole from the edge. Then you need to cut a rectangle with the same long and 5 cm wide from dense non-woven fabric or an old piece of leatherette, felt. Flizelin glue iron, turn out the fabric base and insert the skin or felt. Then sew up the edge with a secret seam. We sew loops to one edge and hooks to the other. Or you can use Velcro. The belt itself can be decorated with embroidery with colored threads, beads, various sequins and beads. The wide belt keeps the shape of the waist and the whole figure, so it is recommended to sew it to those whose waist is far from perfect.

Oriental Dance Belt

All girls involved in dancing, it will be interesting how to sew the eastern belt.It is necessary to take a piece of light fabric (chiffon, organza, curtain chiffon and tulle), a rectangle 150 by 30 cm in size. Fold it in half, and cut off the corners so that a triangle made of fabric is obtained, the two cut pieces will also be triangles. We take our big triangle and process edges, bend them and stitch them. If processed on the overlock, the belt will twist, which will not give beauty. On the resulting treated belt must sew Manist. There are examples when craftswomen made holes in coins and sewed real money. But they are heavy and do not move so easily with the dancer. So it is better to find real jewelry sewn on the belt for oriental dances. Sew such a wonderful attribute will be both simple and effective. Oh, dancing in it is amazing!

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