How to sew jeans between legs

  • sibiu

    I just cut the old T-shirt and made a patch from the inside, nice and soft 🙂 Usually I go through the machine over the whole area. I think if no one does aerobics in public then no one will notice, so they haven't even changed the thread)))

  • http: // WebsiteKarina

    I personally have never had such a thing, but my daughter is constantly wiped, I don't know. it depends on the shape of the legs. whether. I give the mascot to mend in the studio, do not throw things out every time

  • Alice

    Sorry, but it looks awful. I would be ashamed to wear this.

  • Only extra body movements need to be done to breech, but the view is certainly not very (((you can just put a piece of fabric under the bottom, for example, denim and on the front, carefully make straight lines along the thread direction on the main fabric ... and if you also match the threads then you can do acrobatics))))))))) I always fill up my husband with holes there and this is the best way I tried !!

  • Anonymous

    Katenka I'm for

  • Anonymous

    Under the tunic in full, you can wear

  • Anonymous

    If the hands grow out of the well ... .. then it is beautiful. Interestingly, the most not disgusting to look at their "work"?

  • Nastya

    Comments leave much to be desired ... the author, you are well done! Thank you for the detailed description. Do not pay attention to the negative :) sofa experts are everywhere

  • I think that all the same, all this had to be done from the right side.

  • Anonymous

    hands to repulse for such work

  • Irina

    The girl is economical, learn even better. And how many idlers on the neck of others are sitting.

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