How to sheathe the attic

Attic arrangement

Interior decoration of the attic includes:
- finish the ceiling;
- wall decoration;
- arrangement of the entrance;
- the interior of the room;
- the organization of lighting.
The ceiling can be finished with clapboard or plywood. You can also mount a lightweight ceiling, reinforced directly to the rails.
For wall cladding used the same lining or hardboard. On the racks of the attic are installed the crossbar of the beam, and then they are attached cladding material. When cladding walls and ceilings can be used fiberboard. As a rule, electrical wiring is hidden under the plates in special slots.
But before starting work it is necessary to make heat insulation, otherwise there is no escape from large heat losses. Mineral wool, fiberboard is suitable as insulation. Before and after insulation install waterproofing layers.
Finishing itself is carried out using clapboard, blockhouse, drywall. Since the attic is considered to be a room with a lightweight construction of walls, interior decoration is carried out with waterproof, lightweight materials.
The entrance to the room can be closed with a usual tulle curtain or sliding curtains.

Finishing the attic clapboard

Installation of lining does not require special skills. Sheets of lining are cut to the desired height and fastened to a wooden base with nails. Lining should be treated with varnish and antibacterial agent.
The basis for the floor of the room is the flooring of the boards. Softwood boards have high strength and durability. It is important that the floor material is dry.

Mansard plasterboard finish

Attic is a room of non-standard sizes and shapes. Therefore, it is not enough to attach gypsum boards or other materials to the walls and ceiling; here it is necessary to correctly calculate the amount of materials and the finishing of the corners. To begin with, it is necessary to prepare the sheathed surface and build the supporting frame. It is on the frame that GCR sheets will be mounted in the future. In the frame fit communication and insulation. Insulation sheathe vapor barrier film. So that the sheets of drywall are not deformed, beams are nailed under some of them.
The final stage of attic plating is decorative trim.It can be an artificial stone, wooden elements, wallpaper.
In addition to the metal frame, you can organize the lining of the attic on a wooden crate. After completion of the work it is necessary to seal up the seams between the gypsum boards.

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