How to sheathe the ceiling with plastic

The first step in the work is the installation of the box and the definition of horizontal, because the ceiling mounted with a minimum bias does not meet your expectations. To do this, measure the height of the room at all angles. After the lowest angle has been chosen, it is necessary to retreat 4-5 cm downwards, and using the horizontal level to mark the horizontal.
Next, paint the line to beat the line at the previously specified level. Drill holes in the marked strip with a perforator or a drill through the profile for dowels.
After the holes are drilled, you can insert dowels and fix the ceiling UD profile. The standard profile does not exceed three meters, but if necessary it can be spliced using special bugs.
Now, along the stretched fishing line, without touching it, the profile should be fixed. To do this better with an assistant, for example, you will align and hold the profile, and your assistant will attach it to the hangers.After the profile is attached, suspensions must be bent.
Upon completion of the installation of the frame, you can proceed to the installation of plastic panels. Plastic should be secured with LM screws (bugs) at all points of contact with the profile. Panels are inserted into each other using special grooves. Now, upon completion of all installation work, the attachment points of plastic panels to the profile can be pasted over with a frieze.
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Do not forget that plastic requires careful transportation, if it is damaged, the perfect joints will not work. If, nevertheless, you have not saved some panels, then the defect can be hidden with the help of opaque white silicone. But this option is absolutely not acceptable in the case of colored panels.

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