How to sheathe the stairs

To sheathe a staircase with a tree will not work without special equipment. For such a process, you will definitely need tools such as: a set of screws and a screwdriver, a rubber hammer and heels, a construction level, a pencil and a ruler, as well as studs for fastening balusters. After preparing these things, you can proceed directly to trimming the stairs.
It is better to begin work with determining the dimensions of the details of the stairs that you will sheathe. Then you need to carve out of wood all the necessary elements for cladding. After preparing all the risers and steps, you can begin to finish the wood under the railing. You should also decide on the design of balusters. They can also be of different shapes and heights. The interval between the balusters should be not less than 10 cm. You must first cut the railing in length, and then at the edges adjust their width and shape. Do not forget about cutting the inside of the railing.
The next stage of work will be the fixing of parts made of wood on a metal frame.For such work will require a screwdriver. Wooden parts are superimposed on the corresponding parts of the stairs. The necessary places, if necessary, can be marked with a pencil. In this case, each step must fully comply with a certain detail of the stairs.
The fastening of steps should result in such a way that the steps protrude slightly forward. It is better to fasten them on top with a screwdriver. With the help of the construction level, you will also need to check all the steps for strength. Now you can go to the risers. They need to be fixed so that each riser rests on the stair frame. At the end of the work, it will be necessary to check the evenness and strength of the parts again.
At the final stage of trim the stairs you can mount the railing and balusters. Places for future fixings should be marked up in such a way that the balusters have the same distance. After installing balusters, it is recommended to check their verticality. If the standards are met, you can proceed to the gradual fixation of balusters using special studs. After that, you should begin to mount the railing directly on the balusters.For reliability, it is recommended to fix them with special pins.
Making the staircase becomes possible only after purchasing the required number of screws, drywall, and wood panels.

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