How to spend the holidays for the benefit of the child

Joint travel

What could be better for children and parents. You show your child new places, meet interesting people. It can be the nearest forest park, and the neighboring city, and an exotic country. It is important that adults and children dive into another life, get new impressions.

The child will carry such an emotional charge in the next academic year. Therefore, show imagination and choose what will please both him and you.

Getting to know your hometown

When traveling to other cities and countries, we try to see as many sights as possible. While with the hometown can be almost unfamiliar. If part of the vacation passes in the city, you can fill this gap.


Summer holidays - it's time to show it. Opportunities for this provide health or sports camps, hiking. Separation from home, parents, customary care and control - all this is very useful for a child of school age.

A bit of work

Be sure to find a child's housework.Let him help you with cleaning the places that have long been waiting for their time: a wardrobe, a balcony, a garage. In the country it can be watering the beds, harvesting or even mowing the lawn.

Outdoor games

Wherever your child is on vacation, it is helpful for him to visit the open air as much as possible and take part in outdoor games.

Summer mode

For a year, the child has accumulated fatigue and lack of sleep, so the change of regime on holidays is quite justified. Let the child sleep in the morning for 2-3 hours longer. But to move the time of evening sleep is better for no more than one hour. Only in this case, rest and recovery will be the best way.

Knowledge support

Often parents worry that during the summer their child “loses” all the knowledge that was obtained in school. Of course, you should not force the child to sit down for textbooks. But cognitive quizzes, games for development and attention should please him.

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