How to stack

You will need
  • - a thin comb with a tail;
  • - skeletal comb;
  • - a round brush brushing from a natural bristle;
  • - hair dryer;
  • - mousse or foam to give volume;
  • - hair spray.
Casual styling
Wash your hair. Lift each strand and dry it with a hair dryer, and the air should not be too hot. Pull out the middle part of the hair with a large round brush and curl the tips inward. Use a natural bristle brush, as this will align the structure of the hair and add shine.
Bang the wind on the brush of larger diameter and dry with a hairdryer. Give your hairstyle a somewhat casual look, a little sodden the strands with your hands. For this installation, you can make both side and side parting. With a tail of a thin comb from a bang, draw a straight or zigzag line and divide it into two parts. Secure the styling by spraying it with hair spray.
Another option for everyday styling for thin hair without volume
After you have washed your hair, wrap it in a terry towel and leave it for about five minutes. Then apply the foam to add volume to the hair. Combine them to one side.Separate small strands, dry them with a hairdryer and shift to the other side. After all the hair has dried, bend your head and shake the hair. Then lift it with a sharp movement. Now make a side parting and fix styling varnish medium fixation.
Evening styling option
For this installation you also need to pre-wash your hair. Apply mousse to wet hair. Squeeze a small amount of mousse the size of a tennis ball into your palm and apply it lightly from root to tip.
Screw the strands on large curlers and dry with a hair dryer. Fifteen minutes later, remove the curlers. On your fingers, take a little gel for styling hair and whisk them with your hands. The result is secure with strong hold hairspray so that your hairstyle is preserved until the end of the evening.

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