How to stand out from class

Know that an interesting, uncommon personality always attracts people. Such individuals are always interesting in communication. Therefore, if you are passionate about something, are familiar, for example, with new trends in music, then the attention of classmates is guaranteed.
Keep in mind that excellent students are not always successful among peers. If you study well, but are closed, do not help your classmates in school or show arrogance towards other children, this is unlikely to contribute to your success in school.
A very big mistake is the opinion that it is possible to stand out with the help of expensive and fashionable clothes. Perhaps you will attract the attention of peers to yourself, but only for a while. You can stand out with the help of an unusual appearance, if it is not a fashionable paraphernalia, but your beliefs, life position, unusual way of life.
Having achieved a lot in school or in sports, you can stand out.So, a sports, physically strong young man, of course, will attract attention more quickly than a weak and helpless one. Attach your friends to sports, talk to them about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, find like-minded people.
If you are a participant in olympiads, scientific conferences, seminars, various readings, you have prizes, then they will know about you not only in yours, but also in other educational institutions, and popularity among peers will grow significantly.
Learn to keep your word, support someone who is physically or morally weaker, do not collect gossip, maintain self-control in all situations.

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