How to start your day so that it goes well


  • Minutes of sleepy bliss.You should not jump out of bed at the first call of the alarm clock. Allow yourself to soak in bed a bit, if possible without thinking about upcoming affairs and problems. Relax your mind.
  • More oxygen.The second step in the successful start of the day is oxygen saturation. As soon as you leave the sleepy bliss, open the windows, the vents in the house. Fill your body with freshness. Let him tune in to the active rhythm of the awakened city.
  • Smile. Going to the mirror, smile yourself. And no matter what the weather outside the window: rain or blizzard. The sun must be inside you. Smiling, you attract a good mood, good thoughts, good people.
  • Water. Everyone knows that water is a unique gift of nature, performing many functions. Get into the habit before breakfast to drink a glass of warm water (you can with a slice of lemon).It invigorates, regulates the activity of the stomach and intestines, cleanses the body. Also wash with cold water and take a cool shower.
  • Breakfast.This meal is the basis of the day. And because a light salad is not enough. Experts advise you to start your day with cereal porridge or omelet. Instead of the usual coffee is better to drink juice or tea.
  • Rhythm. Ask yourself a certain rhythm in the morning. This may be morning exercises or fees for work / study with music. Movement improves blood circulation, starts all the necessary processes in the body. In addition, these "morning dances" elevate mood and allow you to keep vigor throughout the day.

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