How to stay in Germany

The first thing you need to learn the language. To begin with, English is enough. The more you communicate with people, the faster you will remember and get used to new accents, words and phrases. However, although the overwhelming majority of Germans speak English, their main language is German. Therefore, in order to understand well what they are talking about, master at least the very basics of the German language. And speak! Speak as much as you can! And then the language barrier for you will disappear. But if it’s really hard for you, try enrolling in German or English courses right in Germany.
Tradition and moral status. To take root, you need to have common values, respect customs, as well as celebrate holidays together. This is necessary to ensure that your life is not boring, that you have fun not only alone, but also with other residents. To follow this or not is up to you.
Take care of your life before moving: find a place to live. Buy or rent an apartment.Try to do this in advance, and if it does not work, then solve this problem immediately, as you arrive! If you have children, the problem of housing is all the more necessary to solve immediately, so as not to torment children.
Think where you will work.

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