How to stick the ceiling tile

You will need
  • - ceiling tiles
  • - glue
  • - sealant for grouting
  • - primer
  • - plaster
  • - putty knife
Prepare the ceiling. If it has significant drops, then level them with plaster. In the case when there is a layer of white or paint, get rid of them. Especially if there are detachments. After the surface becomes clean and dry, proceed to the primer surface. Now you need to wait for the drying layer of the soil.
Choose a suitable way for you to stick ceiling tiles. One option is to arrange the plates parallel to the walls or, as they say, in a straight line. Be sure to apply the markup, stretching the two threads from the corners of the room crosswise. So you get the center point of the ceiling.
Around her, pre-applied glue, place alternately the first four tiles. Note that the tab of the first two rows is especially important, the final result depends on it.If you allow inaccuracy, then as a result you risk getting a ceiling with an uneven arrangement of fragments and pattern.
1 option
Each tile is well pressed by hand for some time to fix. In order not to stand so long, choose the glue correctly. He must quickly grab. It is likely that you will have to install not whole tiles near the walls, but their parts. Measure the distance that remains uncovered, and cut pieces of appropriate size.
The second option is to glue the ceiling tile diagonally. This method gives a more effective result, but it will require more strength and patience. To determine the center point, stretch the threads as shown in the drawing. In the same direction, the corners of the first tile should be viewed, that is, rotated 45 degrees relative to the walls. Carry out the sticker according to the same rules as in the first case.
Option 2
Do not neglect the sealing of the seams between the ceiling tiles, even if it seems to you that they do not catch the eye. Use a special sealant in the color of the ceiling covering, or colorless. Do this with a special syringe, and gently remove the excess with a soft cloth moistened with water.Experts believe that the treatment of seams is necessary for durability and obtaining the most aesthetic result from your work. Finally, for a decent framing of your ceiling, glue the ceiling plinths.
Offer from our partner
When choosing glue, pay close attention to the fact that among the bonded materials was called polystyrene foam. Otherwise there is a risk of damage to the ceiling tiles.
Helpful advice
Take into account the important nuances in the design of the ceiling of the ceiling tiles.
1. Do not interrupt the process of sticking, not finished with the already started next. Otherwise, you may get a seam failure.
2. Use special crosses to form smooth seams.
3. Wipe seams between tiles only after the glue has completely dried.

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