How to store a wedding dress

Storage of the wedding dress until the wedding

Rarely what bride gets a wedding dress a few days before the wedding celebration. Typically, girls tend to buy a dress in advance - a couple of months before the wedding, and even earlier. However, such prudence can play a cruel joke with the bride: the fabrics from which bridesmaids are sewn are often delicate and thin. Agree, it will be a shame if the wedding dress loses its freshness before the marriage ceremony or (God forbid!) It spoils. How to store the dress of the bride?

Bringing a dress from the store, carefully unpack it and shake it. Even if the dress is dented, do not rush to iron it immediately. Light dress can be hung right on the hanger. But heavy dress, with a corset or lace, hang only for special sewn inside loop. Let it hang like that for a few days - folds and creases should be cracked.

Problem areas can be slightly wetted, for example, with a spray gun.If the dress still has a rumpled look after that, you will have to stroke it. This should be done very delicately, heating the iron only to the minimum temperature.

After ironing, it is better to wear a cover on the dress (it is often given in the cabin, complete with the dress).

How to store the dress of the bride after the wedding?

Immediately after the wedding, be sure to pass the dress in a dry cleaner. It is better not to delay this: some old spots with time simply do not appear.

After professional cleaning, carefully consider your wedding dress. Perhaps it will have to be hemmed somewhere (torn bottom, seam stitching, or loose decoration).

When the dress is in its original appearance, it must be wrapped in a cover made of natural fabric and hung in a closet or put in a large box.

These simple recommendations will help brides to preserve the freshness and beauty of the wedding dress for a long time.

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