How to store maggots?

Irina Kiparenko
Irina Kiparenko
November 4, 2014
How to store maggots?

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How to store maggots?

As early as the 19th century, enterprising Germans and French mastered the technique of growing moldy worm. At present, the bulk of the production of fly larvae is concentrated in Poland. But recently, the production of moldy worm has been dynamically developing in our country. The main centers of industrial cultivation are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd.

Storage features

If you are going fishing and pre-purchased the maggots, then you should know that maggots require a certain storage temperature, this and much more can be learned from our article - Fishing. Now we consider the question of how to store maggots at home.

At home, moldy worm, it is recommended to take care of in closed cans in the refrigerator, at zero temperature. It is recommended to keep containers with maggots in the fridge slightly open. In this way you can avoid the appearance of condensate moisture. Actually increased moisture favors the rapid transformation of larvae into pupae. Silica gel beads may be used for the same purpose.If you are fishing for a worm, the article How to store worms will help you understand this issue.

How to store a large amount of maggots

In case you bought moldy worm in bulk, from hundreds of grams and above, then all this should be stored as follows.

You must purchase a plastic container with a wall height of at least five centimeters. Put there moldy witch, while the layer of larvae should not be above 1.5 cm The proportion of substrate and moldy worm by volume 1: 1. It is advisable to add 100 g of construction chalk powder to 1 kg of the substrate.

After that it is necessary to place the open plastic container in the refrigerator. Once a week, we subseed the substrate and peppered it all with a fresh, dry substrate.

In the case if the maggot is still pupating, the pupa (caster) must be kept filled with liquid, namely water. This will save the pupa from turning into a fly, and the caster can be used as bait or bait.

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