How to successfully grow melon seedlings

When to sow melon seeds for seedlings?

For the Moscow Region and the adjacent areas, it may be recommended to start sowing melon seeds from April 15. Many are guided by April 20-25. Here a significant factor is the age of seedlings. It must be at least 15 days and not more than 30 days. Melon seedlings ready for planting should have 5-7 leaves. For sowing, they prefer melon seeds that have very early ripening periods.

What are the distinctive features of growing melon seedlings?

Melon seeds are sown one or two seeds in separate pots so that the roots are not injured. The mixture for sowing should be loose and nutritious. The first days before the appearance of sprouts, the temperature is required not lower than 20 � C, preferably 23-25 � C. When the first green shoots sprout from the soil, the temperature is reduced to 15-18 � C, otherwise the shoots will stretch out, and the quality seedlings will not work. This is the main mistake for beginners. Good seedlings can be grown in a greenhouse, sowing seeds in the first decade of May.

Watering small seedlings should not often. Excess moisture at the roots provokes black leg disease. In addition, semi-dry soil soil contributes to the development of a strong root system and stocky seedlings.

When growing, seedlings can be fed with a solution of biohumus or soluble fertilizers in small doses.

When planting melon seedlings in the ground?

Melon seedlings when grown in greenhouses are planted on the 20th of May. If you plan to grow in film shelters, then the landing period is shifted to early June.

On the eve of the disembarkation, the seedlings are watered. Grow melons in sunny places, protected from the winds. When planting in the soil can not be buried the root neck of seedlings. Melon subfamily knee is very susceptible to fungal infections, root rot.

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