How to successfully restore dry hair

You can restore dry hair with the help of natural products. But first you need to eliminate the negative and damaging factors. Abandon daily washing, switch to mild shampoos with a minimum content of harmful chemicals, and it is better to wash your hair with balm-conditioner at all or use natural products for washing. We must stop to dry the hair with a hair dryer and straighten irons. For dry hair, overheating is especially harmful. It is better to replace chemical dyes with natural or at least softer non-ammonia paints or tint mousses.
In the summer, try to always protect your hair from the sun, wear a hat or shawl on the beach, and collect long hair in a bun. In winter, you should also not release strands over clothing; contact with frosty air leads to even more hair drying. If the ends are heavily thinned and snagged, do not feel sorry for them, but rather cut them.Fat grease is not enough for the entire length of the hair, so you should comb them more often, better with a wooden comb or brush. It is good to comb the combing procedure in the air: on the balcony or near the open window, it is useful for the hair to “breathe”
It is useful to drip a few drops of jojoba or almond oil on a comb and then comb your hair. Effective and daily massage the scalp. It is better to do it in the evening, in a relaxed atmosphere. With soft circular movements of the fingers, you need to massage the entire hairy surface of the head, and then carefully comb the hair in all directions. This will immediately improve blood circulation and trigger the activation of the sebaceous glands.
Wash dry hair well with egg yolks, you can add honey, and rinse with chamomile extract, if the hair is blond, and with dark hair, use water with lemon juice, vinegar or nettle extract. Rye bread is also suitable for gentle washing. Crumble it in advance, pour boiled water and insist a few hours or night. Before washing, drive an egg into the grain mass, mix, apply gruel on the whole head for half an hour under a warming turban. Then rinse with plain water.
Warm oil masks are very useful for dry hair, they are always applied before washing for at least an hour, they are insulated, and after a period of time they are washed off with shampoo. A mask of yolk, spoons of mayonnaise, a spoon of honey and two crushed cloves of garlic works well. To prevent the hair from splitting off, it is helpful to rub lemon juice, cabbage or juice mixtures (cucumber and cabbage, carrot and lemon) into it for half an hour before washing. With a strong dry skin and hair can be added to the juice of the oil, it is best burdock, castor or olive.
Pay attention to food. You need to eat more foods rich in vitamins, especially need vitamin C, and this is fruit, vegetables and greens. Omega-3 fatty acids are also needed, so you should try to eat fatty fish, eggs, nuts, flaxseed oil more often.

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