How to suppress hunger for a long time

You will need
  • - Essential oils;
  • - Water;
  • - Ginger;
  • - Cinnamon;
  • - Chilli;
  • - Green tea;
  • - Wasabi;
  • - Flaxseed;
  • - Germinated wheat grains;
  • - Oat groats.
Practice meditation and auto-training. Currently, you can buy special candles to suppress the feeling of hunger with the help of aroma. You can use aromatic baths, wraps and massages. They create a positive mood that helps to effectively deal with the feeling of hunger.
Prepare a mixture of essential oils that can be used in aromatherapy specifically to suppress feelings of hunger. Take 100 ml of grape oil as a base and add 15 drops of bergamot, lemon, patchouli and sweet fennel. The tool should be brewed a couple of days in a tightly closed glass container. In the future, it can be used during massage treatments and in the bath.
Physical exertion will help to divert attention from food.Prefer active rest passive. Long walks and breathing exercises will not only forget about hunger, but also have a beneficial effect on health.
Most diets provide the possibility of snacking between main meals. At this time, you can use products that reduce appetite. These include almonds, avocados, apples, eggs, dark chocolate, tofu, vegetable juices, skimmed milk, and lettuce.
In cooking, use seasonings that reduce hunger. This is ginger, cinnamon and hot chili pepper. Cinnamon and ginger can be added to tea, especially to eliminate hunger. Wasabi has a good effect. Enough to eat a couple of low-calorie breads, smeared with spicy Japanese seasoning, to forget about the desire to eat for a long time.
Add flax seed to vegetable salads. High content of fiber and fatty acids help to restrain appetite for a long time. No less useful in this quality are germinated wheat grains, saturated with vegetable protein. Try to cook meals using oatmeal, which consists of carbohydrates that reduce hunger.In green tea there is a catechin, stabilizing the concentration of sugar in the blood. When glucose is normal, hunger does not occur. So drink green tea!

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