How to take proteins?

Andrey Kresrerev
Andrey Kresrerev
October 15, 2014
How to take proteins?

Protein is a protein-based sports supplement for building muscle. However, you need to take protein carefully. How to take proteins and how much? Consider this question in more detail.

How to take whey protein

Acceptance of protein can be divided into two types: for muscle growth and for maintaining tone. As we know, after a workout, our body needs to replenish its supply of protein. This is the way to ensure muscle growth. However, muscles also need energy, and it will be quite good to use a portion of protein before training.

However, one should not drink too much protein. At one time the body needs a maximum of 30 grams of protein. Larger volume will be difficult to assimilate. It does not matter how much milk or other liquid you use to stir the protein, but it is better to proceed from the milk / protein ratio of 70/30.

Can everyone take protein?

The question is reasonable and quite acute. Many complain when taking a protein for indigestion.The reason for this may be the individual characteristics of the body, which should be reported to the doctor for advice. This does not mean that proteins can not be consumed. Maybe you just need to find a different formula for the product. After all, manufacturers now offer many protein complexes, which include other components in addition to protein. It is with them that the body can have problems. This, for example, is lactose.

However, if you have a protein intolerance, then the protein will have to be abandoned.

Can I take protein every day?

Proper intake of protein implies its constant consumption for the appearance of the desired effect - muscle growth. Indeed, protein can be consumed every day, but not more than one or two servings. Even if the manufacturer indicates that you need to take three measuring spoons, and those contain 70 grams of protein, you need to reduce your intake to 45-50 g. However, do not forget that a hundred grams of protein product accounts for less, so read the composition carefully.

If the protein has no effect

This often happens, it can be due to irregular intake, low dosage or ineffective workouts.All of these problems can be easily solved by adjusting the dose and exercise control. However, there are cases when the selected protein is really ineffective. Then it should be changed to another.

Here it is important to remember that not every product is suitable for you due to the particular composition. You should not save on the quality of the product and the result. After all, if you want to achieve the goal, then why waste your money? It is better to buy a more expensive protein, but one that really works.

It is strongly not recommended to stop the choice on cheap proteins. At best, you just spend money on them, at worst - ruin your digestion.

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