How to take the "promised payment" on the MTS?

August 18, 2014
How to take the "promised payment" on the MTS?

The life of a modern active person is eventful, the diary is replete with affairs. Sometimes we forget or do not have time to do regular routine actions, such as putting money into a mobile phone account. The MTS operator takes care of its customers and provides an opportunity to borrow money using the Promised Payment service.

Terms of "Promised Payment" on MTS

  1. You can top up your mobile loan with an amount not exceeding 800 rubles.
  2. The account is replenished for a maximum of 7 days, that is, you must pay the borrowed money within a week.
  3. "Promised payment" can be used with a balance of at least minus 30 rubles.

Ways to take “Promised payment” on MTS

  1. A fairly simple way to activate this service is to dial a specific command on your mobile phone: * 111 * 32 # call button, then the number 1.
  2. You can also call 1113, where the answering machine will ask you to enter the amount of the promised payment, and at the end click on *.
  3. In addition, this service is easy to connect. The online assistant will ask you for your phone number and password. Setting a password is very simple: send a free SMS to number 111 with the text "25 (space)" your password ". Now in your personal account specify the amount of the promised payment and the period for which you take it. Click the Next button. Then check the correctness of the entered data, click "Set payment".

Subscribers of other telecom operators can take advantage of this offer as easily as they can take the “Promised Payment” on MTS.

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