How to teach a child to pot after diapers

Get your child a bright beautiful plastic pot - such that it attracts attention. Do not buy pots with music or other features. The child should not perceive it as a toy. For the boy will suit the pot, in which the front part is somewhat overestimated. Baby should be comfortable to sit on it.
Plant a child at first a couple of times a day on the pot for a few minutes without removing the pants so that the baby gets used to a new object and does not have aversion from contact with the cold seat of the pot.
Put the child on the pot several times a day, trying to catch the moments when he wants to go to the toilet. Carefully look to your baby. Usually in such cases, the children stop playing, freeze, concentrate, push. Planted in a pot after eating, sleeping, walking. Teach your child to take off pants or tights.
Place the pot in a place that is visible and accessible to the child. Explain to the baby that he can sit on the pot when he needs it. Praise and encourage your baby’s independence, but from time to time remind him that it’s time to go to the toilet.
Be patient - the process of teaching yourself to go to the toilet is long, sometimes it takes several months. Do not scold the kid and do not intimidate in case of failures. If a child is naughty and refuses to sit on the pot, forget about learning for a while, and then start again, considering past mistakes. Do not force your baby to sit on the pot forcibly.

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