How to teach a rabbit to the toilet?

Alexey Ganzenko
Alexey Ganzenko
January 31, 2013
How to teach a rabbit to the toilet?

In fact, the rabbit is a rather clever and intelligent animal. He is fully trained, which is a fairly convincing argument for keeping a pet as a pet. But how to teach a rabbit to the toilet?

It is considered to be relatively easy to do. Like any other mammal, the rabbit has to cope with its physiological needs somewhere, which means that it is very important to train the rabbit to the tray, especially considering that the urine and feces of the animal have a strong odor. A rabbit is a clean animal and is well trained to meet needs in a certain place. You only need to have patience, the animal is not punished, but encouraged. Below is a more detailed description of how to teach our pet to the toilet.

Raising a rabbit

We start by moving the tray to the corner of the cage where the rabbit most often puts off peas and urinates. A reception is triggered when a wet litter is placed in the tray from the bottom of the cage so that our pet will quickly figure out where his toilet will now be located.After the rabbit does everything right, he should be praised. As a rule, after the first cases of correct use of the tray, the rabbit begins to guess why, in fact, this rectangular piece is set here.

Having achieved success in the cage, you can begin to teach the rabbit to the "pot" in freedom. Even if you have one pet, it is better to have several trays in order to place them throughout the apartment, in the pet's favorite places. It makes sense to sit with a rabbit somewhere in a secluded corner, put a tray in the corner, put hay there and put an animal. You need to wait until the animal "makes" something in the tray, and praise him for it. If the rabbit does not want to sit in a tray, you should not force him to it. If he dampened the carpet, it is necessary to wipe the wet place with a rag, which then put in the rabbit toilet. After that, bring the "culprit", put in a tray and let the rag sniff. You can repeat with some words, for example: "toilet".

Lost by a pet on the carpet, the peas need to be collected and poured into a tray, after which the animal is placed there again. A decorative rabbit toilet sniffs, hears familiar repeated words and draws conclusions.It is necessary to carefully observe the animal: as soon as it starts to look for the "appropriate" place, we must say "no", raise the rabbit and put it in the tray.

The toilet for the rabbit is useful to "update", putting in it already familiar animal litter from the cage. The rabbit sniffs at her and realizes that this is his place, and that this place can be used as a toilet. Training must be performed regularly, day after day, until the animal learns to walk on the tray on its own, for which it must be praised.

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