How to tear off the paint

You will need
  • - a hammer;
  • - putty knife;
  • - building mixture;
  • - paint remover;
  • - building hair dryer;
  • - Sander;
  • - bleach;
  • - iron brush.
If the surface can be plastered after removing the paint, use a hammer. Hammer the entire painted area, and then gently scrape off the coating. True, the paint will be separated with plaster. Ground the wall and level it with any mortar that is specifically designed for this purpose. Then apply a layer of fresh coating.
On wooden and plastic products with a hammer can not be used. But there is a solution, buy a paint remover in the store. It is sold in various forms, for example, liquid, water-soluble powder or gel-like consistency. The names of the means are different, so in order not to look in the windows, contact the seller-consultant. The method of use is described in the attached instructions, do not forget to study it.After applying the product, the paint corrodes and becomes similar to a gel that can be washed off with kerosene (mineral) or water - it depends on the type of product used.
If you do not rush, then remove the paint with a spatula. Time for this will take a lot, but the product will not be damaged. Above all, shoot carefully and slowly. When the paint is safely removed, level the surface with emery cloth. Apply a coat of primer and paint in any color you like.
To remove the paint can use a grinder. But be careful, try to remove only the surface layers, otherwise irregularities will appear, since the device is powerful enough and makes recesses in wood, iron and plastic easily. Do not turn it on at full capacity.
If you or your friends have a building dryer or a thermogun, use a wonderful device. Due to the flow of hot air, the paint is separated from the surface and it remains only to remove the spatula or an iron brush.

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