How to tie a scarf Loose knitting needles and crochet: scheme, photo

How to tie a scarf Loose knitting needles and crochet: scheme, photoSnud - a fashionable scarf, closed in a ring, it is also called a scarf-collar or a scarf-tube. Strictly speaking, it is impossible to tie it around the neck, you can only wear it on top. Snuds are usually long and, as a result, multi-layered, because their longest versions are worn in several turns.


Lying can be worn differently, it is universal because of its shape: for example, a part of such a scarf can be worn on the head like a scarf or hat, while the neck will remain closed anyway. Very popular are the mobs in the shape of a Mobius strip (a ring turned inside out in the middle), usually they are short: this shape already makes the scarf an accessory. Loose wear can also be on top of the outerwear.


scrfAnyway, in order to tie the snitch, it is possible to use three ways: knit a circular scarf from the beginning, tie the scarf to the usual, with the decorations that you want, and then just sew its ends, or tie the usual version and do not sew the ends, and Sew on them two large buttons.This will give you a transforming scarf, which is capable of being both the most ordinary warm scarf and a snood (if you fasten the buttons by connecting both ends). The snuds are quite wide — the average scarf should be at least 50 cm wide — which also makes it possible, having straightened them, to wear them as stoles.


You can tie such a scarf on knitting needles and crochet, the most important thing is the scheme.


Scarf Loose knitting needles: scheme


If you choose the option with stitching ends or with buttons at the ends, simply knit a classic scarf with your favorite type of knitting. The opinion that the LDS must necessarily consist of a large-knit canvas is erroneous. Such a scarf with success can even be knitted, so do not limit your imagination in the choice of patterns and ways of knitting. For example, they look cute on scarves, winter accessories, jacquard patterns.


How to tie a scarf Loose knitting needles and crochet: scheme, photo


To do this, you will need to dial, for a small scarf, 130 loops of a circular row, and then alternate between knitting with an elastic band, face and purl, with rows of knitting with the front satin stitch. Make an even number of loops in the elastic band; their number in each block must always coincide with the total number of rows of the front surface (the previous block).Follow the pattern in the alternation of colors, at the end, also close the loop with an elastic band.


But whichever pattern and type of knitting you choose, when knitting an initially round scarf, the first step will be a set of loops (at least two hundred for a standard length), and then knitting at least 2 cm. Garter stitch, otherwise the edges will further curl ( that does not spoil the whole scarf, if it is monophonic, but the picture can be damaged).


How to tie a scarf Loose knitting needles and crochet: scheme, photo


Scarf Loose Crochet: Pattern


When knitting crochet more often they use schemes of classical snodes - broad knit, "delicate". If you want this lush accessory also to warm like a regular scarf, when crocheting, it is better to choose thick yarn made of natural wool (goat, for example).


In general, the choice of the type of knitting depends again on you, but here is one of the examples. Type on the hook a multiple of six of the number of loops and tie round in a circular rapport. Each rapport should be started not with a column, but with an air loop, also finished with it, and the transition between circles should be carried out using a connecting column. It is also necessary to connect the first chain into a ring using a connecting column.Do not forget to finish knitting by tying the typesetting edge (in 1-2 circles). Connecting columns will give the knitting "air", through element.


How to tie a scarf Loose knitting needles and crochet: scheme, photo


If you knit a scarf-transformer and want to sew on the ends of the buttons, then remember that the overall openwork structure will not allow this to be done as easily as with tight knitting. Sew buttons with durable threads of the same color, trying to place them on the most dense “knots” of the pattern.

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