How to tie the shirt front for the child?

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How to tie the shirt front for the child?

The store does not always have the opportunity to purchase quality products for children from natural wool, so many mothers are interested in how to knit a shirt front for the child on their own. For the creation of this product is best suited thick wool blend yarn or towed yarn. This dickey will not irritate the delicate skin of the child.


  1. First you need to take 5 circular needles and start to dial loops. The number of loops dialed depends on the age of the child. In order to knit a shirtfront for a child of 1 year, you need to dial 72 loops, 2 years - 80 loops. In this case, you need to make sure that the number of loops dialed is a multiple of 4.
  2. After that, knitting is done according to a simple scheme. The elastic band is knitted: 2 face + 2 purl, alternately up to 15 cm. Then you need to remember the first and last loop on each spoke.
  3. Now we knit the first loop, do a nakid. We continue knitting with facial loops until we reach the last loop on the needle. Before her, you also need to make a cape. We knit it from the front.
  4. When we knit the shirt with knitting needles for a child, we add additional loops with the help of a nakida. Then we continue to knit on the three remaining needles.
  5. The next row is knitted with the use of facial loops. The third row is knitted, like the first - with nakida.dickey
  6. The loops must be added through the row until the length of the product is about 8 cm.

Knitting the shirtfront according to the presented scheme will take several evenings. Those who knit notdickeyfirst year, one day is enough. This instruction can be used as a basis, everything else depends on your imagination. For example, buttons can be used as decoration. How much joy will bring the child a thing tied by the hands of his beloved mother. When the baby is older, with the help of an additional small girth, the gate can be expanded.

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