How to train muscles?

What to do if you do not have the opportunity to visit the gym, and you want to keep your muscles in an attractive form? The only way to solve this problem is to train your muscles at home.

Inventory preparation

Exercising at home, you can quite effectively keep fit or find a new one. Everyone knows that in order to train muscles, a load is needed. Initially, the weight of your body will be quite enough, but over time this will be missed. Then come to the aid of various weighting, such as dumbbells or pancakes. However, if you do not have the opportunity to purchase them, then you should show at least a little of your creativity. For example, as a weighting agent, you can use a backpack, after putting in it any heavy things: thick books or plastic bottles with water. It is also good if you make yourself a horizontal bar at home.

Effective exercises

And so, consider the exercises to train the muscles:

  • Pull-ups. Very effective exercises that train the muscles of the arms of the back and shoulders are the usual pull-ups on the horizontal bar.However, they must be carried out “with the mind,” namely, it should be pulled evenly. You must start with 7-10 pull-ups, but if you have good athletic training, you should perform the pull-ups as many times as possible.
  • Push ups. After performing pull-ups, you need to start push-ups. First, you should do two warm-up approaches for 15-20 times, while resting for 2 minutes in the breaks. Then you need to perform the third approach until it stops. Again, if your physical training permits, you can put a weighting agent on your back or plant a child. If it is very difficult for you to do push-ups from the floor, then it is worth easing yourself the task and push-ups at first from the bench.
  • Squats. To train the muscles of the legs, you should perform squats with a weighting agent. To do this, you need to stand up, put your feet shoulder-width apart, straighten your back and stretch a load in front of you in straight arms. Squats must be done very slowly, smoothly. At first, it will be enough to perform 15 squats in one set. But again, you should focus on your sports training and the weight of the additional load.

Here's how to train your muscles correctly, with the help of these standard exercises, which, despite their ordinariness, have a very good effect. With their help, everyone will be able to achieve excellent results. The main thing to perform them regularly. By the way, if you want to go a simpler way to train your muscles without bothering, you can start practicing yoga. It perfectly stretches the muscles and makes them more plastic. At the same time, there is absolutely no need to make sudden movements, and this can be very important for those who suffer, for example, from back or leg pain.

Muscle training system

The training system is one of the key factors for progress. As a rule, beginners very often make the wrong choice and begin to train hard from the very first lessons. All this hinders further development of the muscles. Therefore, you should not immediately gang up on doing the exercises and do them to exhaustion. In all the necessary measure. That is why you should choose for yourself the optimal training system and stick to it. Absolutely all the training programs on how to train the muscles are built on the same principles. They relate to the construction of the complex, taking into account the alternation of working weights, as well as recreation.If we consider the selection of exercises, then most often in the "strength" training put "basic" exercises, and in the "aerobic" - isolating. Also their number is gradually increasing.

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