How to treat eczema in a child

Discard some foods in your diet that can causeeczemaif you feedbabybreastfeeding These can be citrus fruits, eggs, smoked meats, chocolate, etc. Trace exactly what product causes manifestations of this disease.
Exclude from the diet of the olderbabyall products that can cause childreneczema. These include: dairy products, citrus fruits, tropical fruits, fish, eggs, nuts, chocolate, wheat flour products, and tomatoes. After the signs of eczema disappear, wait a month or two and then enter one by one into the diet.babyprohibited products. Such tactics will help determine which of the products provokes the manifestation of eczema.
Eliminate chronic bacterial or viral infections. This can be done with the right treatment by a doctor.
Eliminate the source of stress inbabyotherwise you will hardly get rid of eczema.Treatment should be based on a corrected lifestyle and taking drugs acting in different directions, but working on the same result.
Conduct external treatment of eczema, coupled with drug therapy, of course under the supervision of a physician. Taking antihistamine and sedative drugs will help normalize the functioning of the neuroendocrine Neurological dysfunction may be caused by a deficiency of potassium in the body, in which case the treatment will be easier than expected.
Reduce itching in eczematous spotsbabyWith regular cold compresses, do air and sun baths.
Do not use shampoos when bathing children with neurodermatitis, most of them are too dry skin. In addition, fragrances contained in shampoos can provoke the appearance of eczematous lesions. Use baby moisturizing soap.
Add to bath when bathingbabydecoction of chamomile flowers. To prepare it, take one tablespoon of dried flowers, cover them with water and boil on low heat for 12-15 minutes, strain. Use every day.
Apply raw potatoes or napkins soaked in potato juice several times a day to the eczematous spots that form. You can perform the same manipulations with the leaves of aloe tree.

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