How to treat fungus on the hands

The spread of infection occurs mainly during the weakening of the immune system. The fungus affects both superficial and deep skin layers. The skin of the hands begins to peel off, purulent formations appear. The first, which indicates the beginning of the disease - itching is skin. It is necessary to immediately consult a doctor and begin treatment to prevent further spread of the fungus.
Fungal disease can go into the chronic stage. It can begin to affect many parts of the body.
The fungus can be divided into 3 types. The first type is surface localization. It does not cause any pain. This is the initial stage. In the second form of the fungus, the infection goes deep into the skin and causes unpleasant irritation. This group of fungus is easily transmitted to healthy people. The third - the deepest stage - has its spread throughout the body. This type of fungus includes trichophytosis, microsporia, scab.
At an early stage of the spread of the disease should use special creams and sprays. All antifungal drugs should be used after consulting with your doctor, because such agents have a toxic effect on the liver. At the early stage of the disease, the fungus is easily treatable, it is important to correctly form a recovery complex.
If the treatment of the fungus did not start at the beginning of its distribution and was delayed, then you can begin to apply antifungal drugs together both internally (tinctures and tablets) and externally (ointments and lotions).
There are numerous folk remedies for the treatment of fungal diseases. Vinegar, tea, ammonia, mineral salts, etc. are very popular. You can make clay lotions. To do this, apply a thick layer of clay on the affected skin and fix with a cloth. After removing the dressing, wash the skin of the hands with lemon juice, previously diluted in water.
You can make compresses from tea. It is necessary to brew strong black tea, moisten cotton pads and apply compresses on your hands. The procedure is repeated as often as possible.Well help baths of wine vinegar. It is necessary to soak the gloves with vinegar and put them on your hands before going to bed. You can pre-wash your hands with the same wine vinegar.
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It is important to understand that it is easier not to cure the fungus, but to prevent its occurrence. To do this, you must observe personal hygiene and be careful when using public goods.
Hands need to be kept dry and clean, because it is a wet environment that provokes the development of the disease.

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