How to treat osteomyelitis

As a rule, the treatment of osteomyelitis is reduced to taking antibiotics, which are prescribed by the doctor, based on the overall picture of the course of the disease. The course of treatment is 4-6 weeks. Medications in this case are taken orally (i.e., swallowed tablets and washed down with water).
If after a few days of taking antibiotics, the patient does not show any improvement, he is prescribed droppers to “deliver” the medicine faster to the site of osteomyelitis.
In severe cases, surgery is possible, during which the surgeon will clean the wound that has formed, remove the dead tissue, and if necessary, will resect the damaged area of ​​the bone.
To prevent the spread of infection to the bone tissue, some rules should be followed. Treat antiseptics wounds in case of soft tissue injuries in a timely manner, do not allow them to fester. Since pyogenic bacteria with blood can get into the bone tissue and cause osteomyelitis.
Take anti-inflammatory drugs to remove inflammation of soft tissue as quickly as possible. With prolonged inflammatory process there is a danger of suppuration of the periosteum of closely spaced bones, which subsequently leads to osteomyelitis.
Apply without fail for surgical help if the traumatic wound is deep and reaches the bone to prevent inflammation of the occipital tissue and periosteum.
Use antimicrobial therapy for boils. When single boils or carbuncles appear, relieve inflammation locally, without leading to a pustule. With extensive furunculosis, immediately consult a doctor in order to timely localize the lesion and reveal purulent inflammation.
Properly and thoroughly treat any infectious inflammation of the ear, nose and throat. Chronic infectious diseases of ENT organs can lead to osteomyelitis of the upper vertebrae of the cervical region.
Visit a regular dentist to promptly identify pulpitis and prevent inflammation, and later on rotting of the periodontal periosteum.
Increase your immunity: exercise, harden, lead an active lifestyle and eat vitamin-mineral complexes.

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