How to treat sinusitis without punctures

Be sure to take antibiotics, as antritis is not a common cold, which can be cured by drops. This is a strong inflammatory process, and with the wrong treatment it can turn into serious complications.
Rinse your nose regularly. This procedure can be done in the clinic. After it comes relief of nasal breathing, headaches are muffled. If you cannot visit the treatment room, flush your nose on your own, at home. Take seawater or saline and do the washing as often as possible so that the pus does not remain in the body but is washed out of the nose.
Buy "Vishnevsky ointment" at the pharmacy. Put in the nose a small cotton swab with ointment for twenty minutes. The ointment provides the outflow of pus from the sinuses. Do not neglect this procedure, do it at least four times a day. Instill vasoconstrictor in the nose, but do not abuse them, but do not forget about them. They will provide lightweight nasal breathing.
Use folk remedies. Take honey, sunflower oil and alcohol (vodka can be). Blend chopped onion and laundry soap. Ingredients are taken in equal shares. Then everything is thoroughly mixed and heated in a water bath. The resulting homogeneous mass must be cooled. After the mixture becomes room temperature, apply it on a cotton swab and put in the nose for twenty minutes.
Take antiviral drugs. Strengthen the immune system, which is weakened by the disease and can not contribute to a speedy recovery. Inhale with herbs, honey, garlic or onions, alternating components. After you feel better, do not stop the treatment. Continue to inhale and take immunostimulating drugs.
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Do not delay on a visit to the doctor. When sinusitis requires careful inspection. With timely treatment, you may be able to avoid a puncture.

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