How to treat tooth enamel

Pathological abrasion is a process of gradual disappearance of the enamel of the cutting or chewing surface of a tooth, which leads to a change in the anatomical shape of its crown. Often the cause is an overbite, overload of the working surface of someof teethdue to the absence of others, the wrong design of the prosthesis or the impact on the enamel of harmful factors. Often, enamel is prematurely erased with various endocrine disorders - pathologies of the thyroid gland, pituitary, and others.
Such disorders are treated by eliminating the causes of the occurrence of pathological erasure, i.e., orthopedic measures are carried out. The bite is restored, dentures are changed, etc. After this, cosmetic treatment is carried out - replacement of areas of enamel deficiency.
The wedge-shaped effect most often occurs in the cervical part of the tooth. This damage to the enamel looks like a wedge and in the early stages exists as a surface abrasion, enamel crack or crevice, visible only under magnification. Subsequently, they increase, the edges of defects are often even, the bottom is hard.It is believed that the causes of wedge-shaped defects is damage to the enamel associated with the microbends of the tooth in the area of ​​its neck. Such damage occurs under the action of mechanical stress. With its uneven distribution, some teeth experience excessive pressure, while others do not participate in the process of chewing. As a result, the enamel cracks and is husked to form a wedge-shaped defect.
Treatment of wedge-shaped effects is carried out in two stages. At the first stage, orthopedic measures are taken to normalize the bite and prevent the further progress of the disease. On the second, enamel is restored using various methods: application of varnishes, ointments and remineralizing solutions; fill the defects with different materials, such as glass ionomer, composite or flowable composites. Install veneers, etc.
In the treatment of diseases of tooth enamel, an important factor is the prevention of further disorders. These activities include orthopedic treatment, adequate oral hygiene, and a balanced diet with adequate vitamin D and calcium in the diet.

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