How to turn off the USR valve

You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - engine cleaner;
  • - A piece of aluminum with a thickness of 1 mm or a beer can;
  • - scissors for metal;
  • - sharp knife.
Unscrew the expansion tank cap and drain plug in the lower right corner of the radiator. Drain antifreeze into prepared container. A five-liter plastic bottle with a cut-off top can be adapted for this purpose. Disconnect the antifreeze supply hose.
Remove the vacuum tube from the USR valve. Turn off bolts of fastening of its case. Remove the valve and gasket. Clean valve body with engine cleaner.
Cut a plug out of a piece of aluminum about 1 mm thick. If it is not at hand, the cap can be made from a cut beer can. It is better not to use paronite, as it burns out quickly.
Use the factory gasket USR valve as a template. Put it on the tin and circle it with a sharp knife. After that, the cap is easy to cut with scissors. Punch bolt holes in it.
Install the cap, put the USR valve body in place, fasten with bolts.
Clean and remove the flap from the intake manifold. Clean the manifold and put the damper in place, connect all hoses. Fill in antifreeze, not forgetting to measure its level.
As an option, remove the valve, put in place a steel plug, machined to the size of its hole. After installing the valve cap on your on-board computer, an error will pop up (unless, of course, this unit is not flashed with disconnection of readings on the USR system). If necessary, contact a specialist for its firmware, or simply disconnect the terminal from the sensor.

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