How to understand that love has passed

And in already established families there is often a clear planning of actions. And in order not to be able to be alone with each other, couples think through joint pastime to the smallest detail. Pilates lessons, meeting with friends, lunch with mom at the weekend - everything is arranged by the minute. It sometimes seems to me that if such a couple makes at least one spontaneous decision and remains alone, then their house of cards will simply collapse.

How to understand that love has passed

Of course, we cannot foresee everything in advance, and we should not prepare for such a moment, because this may not happen. But still, if you notice in time that love is disappearing, you may have a chance to change something or, conversely, quickly end this relationship and start a new one!

So, the first bell:

Remember, Anna Karenina at one point began to notice the ears of her husband and they irritated her? It seems to be so cute, and then bang - just a nightmare! If you have the same thing and that which did not cause a reaction before, now all the time is striking, repelling and annoying - very big changes have taken place in your relationship.

The second call:

You have begun to touch your man less; you simply no longer feel the need for it. And even being in a small room, you avoid mutual touch or do it on autopilot, while not feeling anything.

Third call:

You began to look at him less, and you only want to consider your partner in moments of anger or irritation. You stopped smiling to him just like that. And if you listen to yourself, you will notice that you are holding your breath in his presence, which means that you intuitively try to keep calm.

The fourth call:

You are not at all interested in what your man tells you, or you just pretend to listen carefully to him. And many girls say that sometimes there is a feeling that the partner is draining all the energy from them. And conversations in such pairs usually concern formal things, from which there is simply nowhere to go.

The fifth bell:

You constantly find yourself thinking that everything has been said between you, nothing new will happen and life has become too boring and measured. Now you just have to endure this person, and then everything will pass without cataclysms.Such a small family swamp with a man who unnoticed by you has become an outsider. But the vague feeling that you are wasting time is not giving you rest.

How to understand that love has passed

In fact, there may be a lot of such calls, and I didn’t mention quite obvious, like constant irritation in my voice, lack of sex, scandals, insults, and parties with friends on weekends and betrayals. Here the blind will see that love has passed and the tomatoes have wilted.

Of course, all the sensations and experiences that pass through your soul do not mean that this is the end of love. After all, each pair can have crises, and taking them for the end of a relationship will be a fatal mistake. But if you understand that you already do not have those feelings that you experienced earlier, it will be impossible to revive the dead love, unfortunately. Do not waste time - life goes on, you need only turn one page and start a new one.

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