How to understand that you have depression

Of course, we all daily experience sadness, anxiety, frustration, anger, and other emotions with a minus sign, but normally this does not last too long. The nervous system is not sharpened for long work in the "emergency mode". Chronic stress increases the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in the blood, and as a result, blood pressure rises, disruptions of the heart and other unpleasant things that run the risk of turning to a stroke or heart attack begin. Therefore, the negative is replaced by normal calm, relaxation, or just thoughts about something pleasant.

Adversity in life is not the only reason for which depression can occur. Sometimes this attack occurs in absolutely healthy-looking people who live in complete well-being, were born with a golden spoon in their mouth, surrounded by loving relatives and friends, have a reliable partner, and in general, the whole world seems to be at their feet. This depression is called endogenous.

How to understand that you have depression

The problem with depression is that it has no obvious symptoms for the average person, like a cold or sciatica.Depression is a lady who has thousands of masks, and she uses them with incredible ingenuity. And sometimes she doesn’t hide at all, showing a person a true face, he still doesn’t recognize her, because he has long been accustomed to living a life without color and does not suspect that it is possible to live better.

Millions of people wake up before the alarm clock, about 4–5 in the morning, stare at the ceiling, shaking from the inevitability of the approaching joyless day, get up, brew the first cup of coffee and go to work. After work, they look at their family with bewilderment, experiencing a mixture of bewilderment and disgust. Forces for nothing, the sofa beckons with its soft surface, the TV screen flickers invocatively. They are rapidly plunging into a half-slumber under a bad show, each time being surprised that nothing seemed to happen in a day, but there was no strength at all and didn’t have time again. And when other people manage to read books, prepare delicious food, go on a visit and get a second education?

And most importantly, what is there to go to the doctor? “Doctor, I am a loser, I do not like my wife and I have terribly boring children. There is no profession in the world that would interest me.I would like to lie under a palm tree and do nothing, but, alas, I am not the heir of a billionaire. Maybe you can write me some pills from this terrible reality? "That's what the person who is depressed thinks. He does not think that the problem is in him. He is sure that the trouble is in the surrounding reality, and, alas, it cannot be changed (although some quickly realize that it is possible to grab an alternative reality with a unicorn and a rainbow for a while by other means like alcohol).

Very few patients with depression go to the doctor - they do not even suspect that they have a medical problem. Their confidence is actively supported by their relatives, using optimism full of encouragement: the universal “Get together, a rag!”, Practical “Well, drink vitamins”, insightful “It's all because women don't give you!” And peremptory “Just stop whining”

Psychiatrists often see patients with depression after suicide attempts, when hospitalization is already mandatory. Sometimes the unfortunate relatives are brought, because it's scary to see how a healthy-looking person the second week quietly lies, looking at the ceiling.In general, psychiatrists are brought to see the most vivid and dramatic scenes with depression in the main role.

Neurologists get less tragic, but much more complicated stories. To these doctors patients with depression get from therapists, cardiologists, endocrinologists and gastroenterologists, who spread their hands, ask to look for "psychosomatics" and self-disengage, because the analyzes are ideal, the patient was treated so and so, but everything is not easier for him.

How to understand that you have depression

Sometimes patients cautiously look at the doctor’s appointment themselves, they are timidly asked to write them “soothing herbs, and that’s not the nerves”. When you start talking to them, the abyss of anguish opens up very quickly, flavored with a fair amount of anxiety, flavored with panic attacks and decorated with many months of insomnia.

Hardly depression - this is the problem of our time. The persons of this disease are impeccably described by the classics. Sometimes she hides behind the facade of flamboyant humor and inimitable irony, like the writer Teffi, who created hilarious stories, and outside her image, in ordinary life, suffered from unbearable melancholy and could not go out, because she needed to count the windows in each house.Sometimes depression, like the Black Man of Yesenin, comes at night and disrupts sleep with disturbing thoughts, and it is impossible to stop this dark dance. Sometimes she turns a blooming woman with irrepressible energy into a sullen recluse who drowns longing for strong alcohol, like Scarlett in the famous novel Margaret Mitchell.

However, if you are depressed, you are unlikely to recognize yourself in one of the masterpieces of world literature. Because you, most likely, do not read books - this is not enough strength. As for everything else, except for the necessary minimum, which allows you to not be homeless and unemployed.

And then another part of patients with depression is at a doctor's appointment. They come with complaints about "chronic fatigue". Such patients are sure that their ailment in the form of a breakdown should be treated with vitamins and immunomodulators, therefore the doctor's opinion about the treatment is not particularly interesting for them. They have already begun to take an ascorbic on their own and appear in the office not for consultation. They need a hospital because they do not have the strength to go to work. Even after a comprehensive examination, which shows the absolute norm, it is difficult to convince such patients that their fatigue has a very specific nature and it needs to be treated with antidepressants.However, if the doctor succeeds in this number, in three weeks there is an amazing contrast, like in the cartoon about the sailor Papay, who tasted the magic spinach.

Symptoms of depression

A manifestation of apathy may be the lack of desire to look after yourself. This symptom is especially noticeable in women: they stop using cosmetics, begin to wear clothes on the principle that "the first fell on me from the closet."

How to understand that you have depression

With male compatriots, you can be wrong: it often turns out that a mentally and physically healthy male of a Russian person simply does not consider it necessary to take a shower more than once a week and iron clothes. Therefore, if a man is suddenly unshaven and unhappy, this is not a reason to drag him to the doctor

Anxiety - a frequent companion of depression. It can manifest itself as a background anxiety that intensifies in the morning or at night, or in the form of panic attacks, when anxiety is very strong, but occurs in the form of seizures and is accompanied by lack of air, sweating, palpitations, nausea.

A vivid symptom of depression is the loss of simple and habitual life joys. Food seems to lose its taste (however, if you load a lot of sweet,for a while there is a feeling of pleasant dullness, reduction of anxiety and longing, which patients usually use as a legal and accessible mental anesthesia, and therefore gain weight quickly). The world around it seems gray, as if it had lost its color. Favorite activities lose their meaning, because they no longer enjoyable ... And now the favorite cross stitching seems to be pointless poking needles into a faded rag, making desserts turns into an unjustified complication of life (who needs it when you can eat a nutella with a spoon right from a can?) , and reading books is seen as the most tedious occupation in the world. All of the above doctors call anhedonia - the loss of the ability to enjoy life.

Since many in our country are still convinced that it is necessary not to live for joy, but in the name of fulfilling the duty - whether mother, filial, marital, military or civil, anhedonia is also rarely perceived by the patient and his surroundings as a disturbing bell.

Other manifestations of depression are decreased concentration, the inability to do one thing for a long time. A person feels that he is stupefied, although he seems to be at the peak of his intellectual form.He discovers with some surprise that it becomes more and more difficult to gather thoughts into a heap, and in order to formulate sentences of three words or more, one has to make titanic efforts. Nootropic drugs, coffee, sweets, energy are used, but there is no effect.

How to understand that you have depression

Tosca is an important, but non-determinative symptom for depression. At first, there may be sadness, regret, sad thoughts. All this melancholic company is spinning in the head non-stop, and there is no end to it. Patients talk about the fact that they have “tears close”: even to look at the calendar with cute puppies becomes difficult, because there is an overwhelming desire to burst into tears.

Sometimes it ends with emotional anesthesia: the ability to feel suddenly disappears, there is a solid stupid nothing in the place of sadness, disappointment, resentment. At the same time, the difficulties of “connecting” with your own body often arise: it feels like someone else’s, and the person feels like a prisoner, sharpened in a useless cage from unruly muscles and ugly bones.

And if all these symptoms can be interpreted differently, depending on the situation and context, then thoughts of suicide, of course, indicate serious problems and require immediate consultation with a psychiatrist.Depressive thoughts about suicide are devoid of emotional intensity - they, like waves, roll and retreat, promising to get rid of a dull existence. Death in the mind of a person suffering from depression is not a way for someone to prove anything or achieve universal justice, but only the easiest way to turn off a dull reality forever.

Depression can be cured. And this means that it is possible to turn fifty shades of gray November into a pleasant landscape, to fill boring and senseless life with interesting things, to release the psychic resource that was spent for an endless experience of anxiety, and to direct it to something more creative and useful

Depression cannot always be recognized if you are not a specialist. Go shortHADS testThis is a hospital scale of anxiety and depression, a screening that will help to detect the problem. And if you doubt whether you have depression or not, this is the situation where it is better to consult a psychiatrist or a neurologist, especially if you feel that you are not living as full and bright as you would like.

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