How to use assembly foam

Application foam

The composition of the foam polyurethane insulation includes various components that do not mix with each other. In the upper part of the container with mounting foam there is a special propellant gas that allows you to squeeze the components of polyurethane out. Diisocyanates (blowing agents) are located on the bottom of the balloon. They enter into a chemical reaction with polyurethane, after which secondary expansion and inflation of the foam occur.
In order for all the components of the cylinder to remain in the mixed state, the container with the foam must be vigorously shaken upside down before use and in its process.
After applying the foam to its full drying may take several days. When applying it is important to take into account the absolute humidity of the air, which is necessary for the implementation of the correct reaction of the polyurethane components. Therefore, before applying the mounting foam to the surface, it must be moistened - moisture will improve the adhesion of the substance with the walls of the opening and prevent it from sinking.If the gap width is 60 millimeters (or more), the installation foam should be applied in several steps in thin layers. You also need to observe the correct temperature range at which you can work with it - it is usually indicated on the cylinder.

Foam Rules

There are a number of basic rules that must be considered when applying mounting foam on the gaps of window and door openings. To obtain a quality result, you need to use a mounting gun and a professional foam with low secondary expansion. It is desirable to use polyurethane insulation in a warm time - so that the curing of the foam occurs faster.
When working with assembly foam, including using an assembly gun, be sure to wear gloves.
Foam is better to close the gap, whose width is from 1 to 8 centimeters. For wider crevices, it is advisable to take less expensive materials - plastic, brick, foam or wood. For very narrow cracks, it is advisable to use a putty or sealant. When foaming the gaps, it is recommended to fill them one third of the depth.After solidification of the mounting foam, it is necessary to cut off its surplus. It should also be remembered that the mounting foam is exposed to the negative effects of ultraviolet rays, so after polymerization its surface must be coated with any suitable agent.

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