How to wash clothes by hand, linen, clothes

How to wash things by hand, linen, clothes wash-things-by-handWe erase manually things

Wash clothes, clothes and other things the representative of the weaker sex learn from childhood. It seems to be very simple: pour water, pour powder and wash. But when after such a washing, you suddenly find that the thing you have washed does not become clean or completely covered with indelible stains, or the fabric has shrunk, spoiled by too hot water, laundry detergent or washing in a typewriter, you will understand that everything is not so simple as it seems.


Beforestart washingproducts, look at the paper or cloth label attached to it when it is sold and understand the meaning of the pictograms. You will definitely findrecommendationsat what temperature, how to wash this thing, whether it is subject to chemical and machining, whether it can be squeezed out, and also at what temperature the product is ironed.


Hand washing tips.



When washing, change water more often:

- bright things do not wear off with colored, and even more so with those that shed;

- soak clothes, clothes, according to the instructions on your product and the packaging of detergent;

- well rinse the washed item so that there is no powder or soap on it;

- when rinsing, if possible, use special rinses. Learn to breed them properly so that stains do not appear on the clothes.


To wash by hand it was easier:



- In time send the contaminated thing to the laundry, and also remember:

It is better to rub highly polluted places with your hands before sending the product to the washing machine;


- To prevent red spots on products made of thin fabrics, do not forget to screw up iron buttons, buckles and other metal accessories before washing.

From the linen that you are going to boil, it is necessary to turn off the plastic buttons - they can be deformed. With white things, it's better to remove colored applications. They certainly fade.

- Greasy overallsit will be easier to washif a quarter of a piece of laundry soap chop and dissolve in 1 liter of boiling water. When the solution has cooled slightly, add 0.5 liters of kerosene and 1 tbsp.spoon of any detergent or soda ash. Prepared by the composition it is necessary to rub the sleeves and before the overalls, and to coat the collar and back. Then roll tight and leave for about a day. Hand wash such clothes only in hot, soapy water, then several times.rinse in warm water. Drying is better in the open air so that the smell will evaporate. 


Products of acetate silktend to sit down when washed. They should not be dried and ironing from the wrong side to sip until the previous size is restored. When ironing, you should use a moderately heated iron, since at high temperaturesacetate silk melts. 


Knitwearsoaked before washing in cold water with a little additionvinegaralmost does not fade. When rinsing in water, add glycerin (1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water).



How to wash the tulle by hand



Black Tulle Curtainsit is better to wash it, and colored laundry does not shed if you soak them for a few minutes in warm salted water before washing. When rinsing tulle curtains, add a little milk to the blue solution. Then the curtains will become like new.


Before washing the synthetic fiber curtain, shake well to remove dust and soak in lukewarm water. During the soaking process, change the water at least three times, then lower the curtains for 2-3 hours into a solution of detergent intended for washing synthetics.


Prepare another portion of the solution of detergent and in it at a temperature of not more than 50 degrees wash the curtains without rubbing and twisting. After this, rinse the curtains several times, first in warm, then in cold water. Do not wring out or twist them, dry them in a straightened form. They do not rub and do not unscrew. After thorough rinsing, the product is rolled intodry toweland when it gets wet, they change it to dry. And so several times. Nearlydry thinghang out on the air. And even before complete drying, the fluffy angora needs to be combed with a clean brush, first on the pile, and then - carefully - against. Then the wool is not knitted.



We erase things from mohair



Mohair StuffIt is best to wash with detergents for wool and silk, adding some glycerin to the washing solution. When washing thingsDo not rub. Squeeze them between the towels and - wet - well combed with a brush.



For bleaching home yarnYou can use the following tool: for 1 liter of water take 5 g of three-percent hydrogen peroxide and 1 g of ammonia. Before dropping the yarn into the prepared mortar, it is washed, then rinsed in water with ammonia (20 g / 8 liters of water) added and immersed in the solution for 40 minutes. After bleaching, thoroughly rinse again.clean water. The water temperature must be constant.


How to wash wool and silk clothes



Woolen and silk thingsfromgreasy stains can be washed in a mustard infusion. At the same time, the fabric shrinks and sheds less than when washed with detergents. First, dry mustard (1 glass) is soaked with a small amount of water and ground until a batter is obtained. It is rubbed through gauze into warm (40-45 ° C) water (10 l) and allowed to brew for 2-3 hours.Wash without soap or detergent; Mustard infusion change 2-3 times. Rinse in water with ammonia (a teaspoon per 10 liters of water). Silk things last time should be rinsed in cold water, adding in it table vinegar (5 tablespoons for 10 liters of water).



How to wash a shawl with their own hands



Wash the downy kerchiefbetter in a warm solution of shampoo or baby soap.Then rinse well, wrap in a towel and squeeze. Next, you need to stretch the shawl on a suitable-sized plywood board, strengthening the clothespins along the edges (pins and studs are better not to use: rust may appear). To buttons notcame off in the washing machine, you must first fasten the clothes and turn the thing inside out (but it is better to remove the buttons).



Sweaters with a few felted woolYou can return the original form by stretching them in water, in which the beans were soaked for several hours.In the heated waterimmerse a sweater and erase, easily squeezing. Dry, laid out on towels.



Hand wash terry towels



To terry towels and bathrobeswere fluffy, hold them a little after washing in salted water and do not iron. Laundry gets shine, if you add a handful of salt to the starch. Such clothes do not freeze in the cold. Color underwear does not shed when soaked in salt water for a few minutes. Tags on linen will become “indelible” if they are drawn in black ink and immediately ironed with a hot iron.



We erase a handkerchief manually



HandkerchiefsSoak in well-salted water before washing.Cristal shawlsmust be washed in warm water, adding a little salt. After that, rinse in clean water and in order to give freshness, put for several hours in water with vinegar, diluted so that it has a pleasant acid. To perfume a batch of handkerchiefs, just drop a few drops of perfume in the water in which they rinse.



Adding starch and blueberry



Starchdiluted in a cup of cold water to a slurry, then stirring it is poured into steep boiling water at the rate of 1 cup boiling water per 1 tablespoonful of starch. The resulting jelly is poured into the water to rinse clothes and linen.


 Blueprint(powder or tablets) are tied in a rag so that the grains do not fall on the linen. Then chat a little nodule in the tank for rinsing. In order for all things to get the same shade when bluing, do not try to bluender them all at once. Better everything blueseparately, keeping the solution in the same time.

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