How to wash your hair?

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How to wash your hair?

Beautiful and healthy hair is the decoration of every person. But, unfortunately, in our world to have such hair becomes harder and harder. Bad ecology, temperature changes, diseases of the skin surface of the head, dandruff, hard water - these are the reasons that a person's hair becomes ugly and lose their beauty and attractiveness.

One of the important factors in caring for hair is shampooing. Unfortunately, few people conduct this important process according to all the rules. However, in this article I want to reveal to you the secrets of how to properly wash your hair, and therefore, have strong and beautiful curls.

How often need to clean the curls, curls and bald spots

Every person with a healthy scalp and good skin should perform this procedure once a week. This is considered a reference. However, there are times when the scalp gets dirty especially quickly or the scalp has a high fat content.In this case, the head will have to be washed as the hair is contaminated, but usually in this case the washing process is carried out 1 time in 2 - 3 days.

There is a category of people who need to wash curls and curls every day. These are those who wear special hats at work, for example, cooks and nurses. In this case, the scalp does not breathe at all, and the hair has a shine. In addition, they completely lose their appeal.

Preparatory procedures

Before you start to wash curls, they certainly need a good comb. This is what all world-famous hairdressers are advised to do. This is necessary so that as many scales as possible can be separated from the skin. After all, during rinsing they will wash away much easier.

How to wash your hair with shampoo

Here there is an unshakable rule about how the only truly clean hair with shampoo. This tool is required to apply to the curls in a couple of techniques. For the first time only greasy and dead skin particles will be washed off. But all the nutrients and vitamins that are in each shampoo, curls will not receive. That is why after washing off the main dirt from the hair you need to apply the shampoo on the curls and scalp again.

Although no one forbids you to apply shampoo to curls and the third time. Nothing bad will happen to them. Curls from this will only cleaner and healthier. Before use, shampoo should be applied not on curls and curls, but on the palm. In this case, in the very mass of shampoo you need to add a little water in order to better foam it. But before that the curls themselves and the scalp must be abundantly moistened with water. Then shampoo with fingertips or palms must be distributed along the length of the hairs and over the scalp. At the same time, experienced hairdressers and makeup artists are advised to take into account the fact that shampoo should not come into contact with hair longer than a minute.

After applying the detergent, it is necessary to massage the skin on the head with gentle movements in a circle and not to scrub it with nails. So you can hurt the skin, and where there is a wound, almost always an infection occurs. For a better understanding of how to wash your hair, the video will be very useful. Videos are posted on almost every beauty site.

What water to wash your hair

Water is also very important in shampooing.In no case is it advisable to wash your hair with hard water. And often it is she who flows in every house from the tap. Such water can neither clean curls and curls, nor heal them. At the same time, calcium salts lay on their hair a very unpleasant white precipitate, and curls themselves turn out to be hard and have split ends.

Most of all, for washing women's curls and men's eddies, water after rain, snow melt, spring water from a well, or distilled water will do. But thawing and rain water in our ecological situation also has a not very good composition, therefore it is worth washing the hair only with water from a well or distilled water. To get distilled water today is very simple - you just need to purchase a special water purification apparatus that runs from a tap at the store. In extreme cases, you can simply boil water.

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