How to wear fashionable low heel pumps?

Comfortable and beautiful shoes for women - their weight in gold. Allowing yourself to spend the whole day on a high heel can not all, but constantly wear ballet flats, in which you feel like in slippers, also not possible. Therefore, the fair sex are looking for a "golden mean". Fortunately, it exists in the form of pumps on a low heel.

Always up-to-date classics

Having bought such a pair, you can be sure that it will always be fashionable and relevant in almost any bow.

The undoubted advantage of low-heeled boats is that they are suitable for all women. Even those who can not boast of growth, can afford such shoes, because it will favorably emphasize the beauty of the legs, leaving the most important thing - the naturalness of the walk.

In addition, doctors are unanimous - the heel height of 3-6 cm is ideal for everyday wear. Let's find out what the most beautiful thing will look like such shoes.

To the office

In Germany, women are forbidden to wear shoes with a heel above 5.5 cm to work. However, it is not known whether the management is experiencing the health of its employees or increased attention from the male sex. But in one thing we agree - office shoes must be comfortable, otherwise about what performance can be discussed when the legs are baked with fire.

The boats on the kitten hills (as it is often called the low heel) will suit any business attire - strict dresses, trouser suits, blouse sets + skirt + jacket.

In the cold season, a skirt set of dense fabric, a classic monophonic blouse and a knitted waistcoat will look great. Shoes of black or brown color will perfectly fit into this ensemble.

They can also be worn under a set of wool trousers and a jacket, with an emphasis on the waist.

On every day

Skinny jeans and pumps are a perfect match. As they say, both in a feast, and in the world. Having added them with a satin top, get a romantic look for dates, a monochrome shirt or print blouse will suit both work and leisure, and a bright T-shirt will be the final part of the look for friendly parties.

Do not forget about dresses.Particularly beautiful will look model with flared skirt. You can create a fashionable bow by combing low-heeled pumps in nude shades with short shorts and a light blouse or a thin knitted blouse.

In this case, you can move away from the classic, discreet colors of shoes, and choose something brighter - red, blue, green, gold.

Evening out

No skirt or dress is indispensable here. Especially elegant will look a variant with a lush skirt. The most courageous girls can choose a pack, and for those who are not ready to shock, flared models with a magnificent under-boot will suit.

Lace models will perfectly complement varnish models of shoes, and a satin sheath dress is wonderfully combined with a suede pair.

But you can wear shoes with elegant dresses on the floor, it does not diminish your attractiveness. In addition, you can walk in them all evening without complaining of fatigue.

Low-heeled boats are one of the most successful investments. They are versatile, stylish and comfortable. Must have a real fashionista.

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