How to write a beautiful letter?

Along with the increasing development of computer technology, and progress does not stand still, therefore, rarely anyone today writes letters by hand. The advantages of an e-mail are obvious - it will quickly reach the addressee and it does not need to be handed over personally, which can be inconvenient. How to write a beautiful letter to impress? Consider this question in more detail.

The choice of design

It is best to write a beautiful letter to a girl with a “love style” design - emoticons, pink letter tint. You can attach a cute e-card. For men, it does not produce the expected effect. Therefore, for the letter, which will be written by a guy, it is better to choose a simple design. If you want, you can write a letter on a suitable card, for this there are various services on the Internet. Here are some design tips:

  • The feeling of romance will give writing a letter in the historical style. Choose an interesting font design in the e-mail editor or in a similar way, make a letter in “Word”.
  • You can also write a few lines in a playful style, embellishing the lines with something fun, if you want a man to pause a little. Beautiful design of the letter will give him a piquancy and personality.

How to write a letter

  • A beautiful letter to a beloved girlfriend or beloved man should be imbued with romance, so you need to pre-tune in to the desired wave. Perhaps there is something in your heart that you cannot decide to say to your eyes, but it is easier to convey the words of love through a letter. All people love to be admired. So think about what appeals to you in this person, and describe it, but do not flatter. If the person who reads the letter understands that you are exaggerating or inventing, then this may have the opposite effect. Compliments are better explained in such a way that there is no doubt about their authenticity and sincerity. It will depend on it - the person will believe you or not.
  • At the very beginning of the letter is written appeal. Always call by name, using gentle words. For example: “My dear Anastasia” or “My dear Sergey”. The first words are of great importance, because thanks to them the first impression is formed.
  • The ability to intrigue will benefit. State some thoughts so that they are ambiguous, while putting dots at the end of the sentence. How to make a beautiful letter also interesting? Just - intrigue.
  • Of course, the cherished “I love you” should sound in the text of the letter. In some cases, it would be good to write even a small passage in a poetic form, if you can come up with something yourself. Borrowing other people's works is not worth it, as it is for men, and women, too, do not always like it.
  • When writing a letter, you can not rush, so as not to write nonsense, you should think everything out well before sending.

What is not worth writing

While admitting the chosen one in love, you should not hint too openly on reciprocity so that a person does not feel obliged. You also do not need to write about your big plans for his or her account, such as: wedding, family, birth of children, etc. Because of this, the feeling of easy romantic ease and craving for the beloved can disappear. Let the letter is saturated with warmth and romance. It is also possible to frighten a girl with sudden proposals, because no one is going to get married in a hurry.

After completing the letter, it is necessary to carefully re-read it and check for errors, since illiteracy can spoil the impression of your chosen one.

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