How to write a business plan store

Think in what form your store will exist, whether it will be a small kiosk, a regular store or a whole supermarket. Based on this, as well as the locationthe store, calculate the rent.
If this is not a supermarket, decide what the specialization will be.the storewhat range of goods will be represented there: food, household goods, clothing, shoes, electrical goods, etc.
In the event that you plan to trade in clothes or shoes, you need to decide: which target audience to focus on. That is, which assortment to give preference - products for children, for teenagers, for young people, people of mature age or for the elderly? Or act on the principle: "a little of everything"?
If you plan to open a boutique selling luxury luxury clothing, jewelry or underwear, you should especially consider the following questions.Will such products find steady demand, especially in times of economic crisis? Will it be possible to rent a room for this boutique in the most prestigious area? Are there other boutiques with similar assortment and prices, and how many are there?
Carefully calculate the costs necessary for the store to start working. In addition to the already mentioned rent, pay the cost of the necessary equipment, security, the cost of paying the necessary licenses, the purchase of the initial lots of products and the payment of staff (vendors, loaders, etc.). Of course, the staff will have to pay special attention, because for the store to be popular with buyers, sellers must be polite and qualified. To do this, you need to inquire in advance what is the average market cost of a good seller in your region.
In conclusion, it is necessary to calculate for what time (at least approximately) the store should recoup all the expenses invested in it and start making a profit. And also, of course, what the rate of return is desirable to achieve.
Of course, it is impossible to foresee all the details in advance and predict all the “pitfalls”. But at least such an indicative business plan will help to avoid many mistakes.

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