How to write a former daughter in law in 2018

You will need
  • - documents confirming your ownership;
  • - certificate of divorce;
  • - Housing Code of the Russian Federation.
Try to settle the issue directly with the daughter in law. Ask her to voluntarily check out of the apartment, since, in accordance with the law, she no longer has the right to live there. Remind her that you have every reason to file a claim in court. And since you have more chances to win a case, the defendant, that is, your sister-in-law, will bear all legal costs. It is possible that you will be able to find some kind of compromise in a personal dialogue without a trial.
In case of refusal by the daughter-in-law to leave your apartment, contact the court to resolve this issue. The reason for this is paragraph 4 of Article 31 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. In accordance with the law, your former daughter-in-law has lost the right to use your property, ceasing to be a member of the family.A weighty argument will be evidence that the former spouse of your son does not live with you at the moment or has never lived, and if he does, he does not pay utility bills.
If a contract of free residence in your apartment was drawn up between you and the former daughter-in-law, but as a result you received a new apartment to replace the old one, this agreement loses its force. And in this case, the discharge process is also through the court.
In the case of the registration of a daughter-in-law in a non-privatized apartment, an extract is possible if it is inadequate for its neighbors. In this case, this concept means drunkenness, insults, hooliganism. But first you need to write a complaint to the municipality and ask to issue a warning to the neighbor. If the situation does not change, in accordance with Article 91 of the LCD RF submit to the court.

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