How to write a message?

Nadezhda Manko
Nadezhda Manko
April 16, 2013
How to write a message?

In today's world, the ability to quickly and easily communicate with a person is of extreme importance. Of course, many communicate using phones. But it is impossible not to notice the many modern ways of communication between people. If you are interested in how to write a message, then your mobile phone will be useful to you. It has a special function with the help of which, you can easily and without unnecessary problems tell the other person the necessary information.

Learning to send messages

  • You can study this process in more detail. In the phone menu, you will find a section responsible for sending and receiving messages. Select the “create a message” function in it and start writing. Then send this message to the person you need. This is the most common way that explains how to write a message on the phone, although there are other options. The main thing - do not be afraid to try and experiment.
  • If you are interested in how to write a message in the contact. That procedure is quite simple.To start, after you have registered and logged into your VKontakte page, you need to add to the list of friends of the person to whom you should write an email. After he confirms to you that you are his friend, you need to select “my messages” in the menu on the left side of your page. In the upper right corner you will see the item "create a message." Take advantage of it. Now you will open a blank field in which you can write the necessary information. Above the text of the message, you must specify the person to whom you want to send this message.
  • There is another way that explains how to write a message in the contact. In the list of your friends, select the person who interests you. Under his avatar will be the item "write a message." Use it and send the required text.
  • If you are interested in how to write a message on Twitter, the procedure involves opening a window in the left menu, thanks to which you can send tweets - your messages. After writing the desired text, use the "tweet" button and your message will be sent.After that, your message will appear in the general tape.
  • After authorization, many are interested in how to write a message in Odnoklassniki, the procedure is quite simple. In the top line you will see the inscription "messages", click on it. Your friend list will open on your left. Select the right person and write him a message. Then send a message, and soon the user will receive it.

Conducting correspondence in social networks is very simple and easy. The main thing is to be attentive and your communication will be pleasant.

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