How to write a settlement

First of all, the parties should decide on the possibility of concluding such a document. If they agree, a written document is drawn up. It can be written in any form to the court in which the case is considered. Usually the court approves the worldagreement�and between the parties terminate legal relations on a specific issue. In addition, they no longer have the right to appeal to the court for exactly the same reason.
The document itself must be written where it is directed.agreement, from whom, the data of the claimant and the respondent, their place of residence, the number of the case in question and the mailing address.
It indicates the essence of the case, the duties of the claimant and the defendant, to which the parties arrived as a result of negotiations, the consequences of non-compliance with the settlement agreement, the number of copies in which it was compiled, must be signed by the parties involved in the process.It is best to put your signature on each page of the document.
The agreement is written in any form, on a clean sheet of A4, in any volume. A prerequisite is the filing of an agreement before a court decision.
Worldagreement�can be drawn up with the help of a notary or a lawyer, but most often it is written independently during the trial. Such a document does not require notarization, the court, approvingagreement, obliges the parties to its execution.
In the document itself, you can write about the distribution of court costs, otherwise this question is decided by the court. In addition, the law allows the parties to defer fulfillment of obligations in relation to each other. Such a condition is stipulated in the agreement, in the same place it is possible to stipulate the question of the assignment of the right of claim and the full or partial recognition of the debt.
Worldagreement�drawn up in the number of copies of the number of persons involved in the process. It is necessary to prepare in addition one more copy for the court, which is filed in the case file.

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