"Huge and lazy": Kate Hudson is tired of being pregnant

In anticipation of childbirth, the actress is having fun, laying out her naked photos.

From women often hear that pregnancy - the best time in their lives. But when the child is on the way, the belly is inflated to the limits and you are not even able to tie the laces, you understand that you are tired.

A similar feeling engulfed Kate Hudson. Very soon, the 39-year-old actress will give birth to a girl. The father of the child is the founder of Lightwave Records, Danny Fujikawa. For Kate, this is not the first pregnancy. She already has two sons: Ryder - from her first marriage with musician Chris Robinson; Bingham is from Muse's leader Matthew Bellamy, with whom Kate has been dating for four years. And now the actress is preparing to acquire the status of a mother of a large family.

13 May 2018 at 10:55 pdt

Hudson admitted that she was already tired of her position.

“I worked all day and wanted to share part of my busy life with subscribers, but I’m too pregnant and too lazy,” Kate complained to Insagram.

Short days before giving birth, the actress has fun, posting her candid photos in the social network. So, in a recent photograph, Kate is lying on the bed, hugging her bare belly, and watching TV.

There is a plate with a watermelon nearby: the actress always watched her diet, therefore during pregnancy she prefers fruit to harmful sweets.

13 Aug 2018 at 7:11 pdt

“Here you have a photo of what I dream to do all day long,” the star mother confessed. “And yes, I'm dressed here.” I'm just too huge, so you can't see my shorts. I myself have not seen them for a long time. ”

It is not easy pregnancy and Hilary Duff. A 30-year-old actress and singer announced in June that she was expecting a second child. And although the gestational age is not yet large, but Hiraly already counts the days before the birth.

July 25, 2018 at 5:17 pdt

“The chest is big, the belly is big, the whole body is big. Dude ... pregnancy is hard, ”Duff shared on Instagram.

Tired of pregnancy and actress Anna Khilkevich.

"To be honest, I already sat up" in position. " Already I want to get acquainted with the kid and I want to work hard. It’s not that I do nothing, no, but the restrictions are decently felt, ”Khilkevich admitted in social networks.

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