Hugh Hefner introduced new girls

Hugh Hefner - the famous publisher and the permanent editor of Playboy magazine presented the world of their new girls.

Known to the world not only for its high position in society, career success, the number of digits on a bank account, but also for its eccentric behavior, Playboy Editor-in-Chief Hugh Hefner introduced his new girls to society. It’s no secret that only an employee of his journal can become Hefner’s choice, and he changes them as often as the covers of this very magazine. But for some time now, Hugh has not “changed” his constant favorite, Crystal Harris.

This time, at the Hefner Film Festival in Toronto, he brought out his new "girls" - the twins Christina and Carissa Shannon. Girls who are suitable for a 83-year-old tycoon, unless they are not great-granddaughters, are obviously very pleased with their current social position. Nevertheless, Hefner made it clear to them and to those around him that for him “his beloved wife” is still Crystal.

One of the social events implemented by Hugh during the festival was the sale of lemonade in Playboy branded bottles on the street.All the money from the sale of the drink will go to the organization of the march against AIDS, which will be held in Los Angeles in October of this year.

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