Hydropress - types and features

Hydraulic press is used to process materials using pressure. From the middle of the 19th century, such mechanisms began to be widely used for metal processing (bending, forging or stamping). In addition, hydraulic presses are now actively used to shape polymeric materials, plywood rubber, etc.

The principle of operation of the device is based on Pascal’s law. The design consists of two cylinders of different sizes, which are connected. The working fluid is water or oil, but other substances may be used.

In addition, the hydraulic press is equipped with a number of additional work items. Together, they provide high performance using electric drives.

What are hydraulic presses intended for?

Virtually any production has such equipment. It eliminates heavy manual labor. Depending on the specifics of the work performed, there are several types of this equipment:

  • Metal stamping and forging;
  • Perform assembly operations;
  • Waste treatment.

It is worth noting that there are specialized hydraulic presses and universal. Also, depending on the size of the structure, the performance and, accordingly, the cost of such equipment may vary.

Advantages of hydraulic presses

Devices of this type significantly outperform their competitors due to the peculiarities of their work. Therefore, in any fully-fledged industrial plant there may be more than one unit of such power equipment. Among the main advantages worth highlighting:

  • The relative simplicity of the design;
  • No need for safety devices;
  • Ensure exposure of any duration with a constant force index
  • Smooth speed control of the moving cross-beam;
  • A fairly wide range of changes in the length and height of a moving element;
  • The working cross does not affect the workforce that can develop.

Hydropress double or triple action is particularly effective. Their design assumes the presence of several movable crossbars to perform several operations.

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