I do not understand whether I love or not ... forward to the goal!

I do not understand whether I love or not ... forward to the goal!I do not understand whether I like it or not ... forward, to the goal! I often hear stories from men who meet a lot with different ladies, and then they finally find the woman of their dreams. They are really looking for, and when the right woman comes into view, they are vigorously accepted. They behave aggressively, without turning, though, at the same time in King Kong, not allowing themselves to be offensive-intrusive. They are active, not passive. The main thing here is initiative and activity, as opposed to passivity and fruitless sighs in the hope that the woman herself will fall into their embrace.


But what women told me: they want a man to take the initiative - both before marriage and after. Male activity initially attracts women, not to mention further relations. Outwardly, it may seem that women are pleased to command men, but in fact for them there is nothing worse than a man who needs to be dragged somewhere and forced to take decisions and actions.


I do not understand love or not? I asked a woman at which point she realized that she was in love with her future husband.


- It's funny, but at first he seemed too nice to me.Such, you know, a cat. Maybe this is not bad, but such men do not attract me. Once on one of our first dates, we went to dinner with him. And that's what happened. The waiter brought a dessert menu and put it in the middle of the table. We both grabbed him and pulled each one in his direction. It turned out something like a duel - everyone wanted to take the menu. My friend took the upper hand - he pulled the menu out of my hands and smiled at the winner's smile. He read what was offered for dessert, asked what I would and ordered. Perhaps my words will sound strange, but I realized that this man suits me - after all, he did not let me win the match.


There is nothing strange in her words. Women want men to be strong and confident, but not to use their confidence for undivided rule. This is how a woman sees it: yes, a man conquers her with force and masculinity, but does not seize power over her in order to satisfy his egoistic needs. Interestingly, really, to win a woman, you must always grab something from her hands? Of course not. But for my acquaintance, these actions were symbolic - she realized that the man sitting with her at the restaurant table is strong enough: they do not need to be managed. She liked that.


Yes, this is the case.Men are created in order to take the initiative, to seek, choose, decide, protect, conquer, go forward - in a word, do everything that fits into the ideas of masculinity. Of course, in modern life, women do the same thing. And it is very good if men are in harmony with the feminine sides of their personality, which are more focused on response than on initiative. When a woman takes an active position, a man needs to be able to respond to her actions without feeling hurt. But note: a woman feels free enough to be active, a kind of masculine, only when there is a strong man nearby. If she feels that the man is not strong enough, that he needs to be guided, he loses confidence. Next to a weak man, a woman can never fully meet her true purpose: she will not be able to fully realize herself as a responsible, responding participant in relationships. Although both the female and the male sex have both active and responsive origins, women are less attracted to non-initiative men.


When women are asked about relationships with the stronger sex, they often say: they would like to be sought for, desired. Women want a man to be the first to take the initiative and start a relationship. Such an alignment of forces helps women to feel, on the one hand, attractive and tender, and on the other, resolute and confident. Next to a strong man, a woman is revealed in its entirety - it becomes what it was created. And because I call the stronger sex - enough to sleep! God gave you a wonderful hormone - testosterone - so use it. Dare, go ahead, take the initiative.

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