I wanted to repeat, and this is what happened: 30 nightmare manicures

Waiting vs reality. Sometimes they often do not match, and this is the case.

The fact that the hands must always be well-groomed, we know almost from childhood. That is why we so diligently use nourishing creams, cuticle oils and do a manicure every two weeks. However, not all girls can afford to go to the master. That is why some people decide to make a manicure on their own, and with it and try a fashionable nail design.

That's it with the design and there is a huge number of problems, especially when the girls did not shine at all in the drawing lessons. Curved drawings, smeared nails - most often it looks so creepy.

The main reasons why nail design fails.

1. The main mistake - the girls think that they are real pros of manicure and special skills do not need to draw beautiful roses or at least make a French manicure.

That is why, before picking up brushes and starting to draw another “masterpiece”, you need to arm yourself with a detailed description and design scheme, so you will have less chances to make a mistake. And it is best to practice on false nails, and then start drawing to yourself.

2. Another of the most common mistakes - uneven layer of varnish. This is especially true when the base for a design is bright, because it can sometimes be difficult to apply without errors. To make it work out smoothly, apply the base, and only then begin to cover the nail with a bright shade.

3. No less significant slip - you do not have time to dry the base coat properly, which is why everything is smeared, especially the design itself, which immediately spreads on the nail.

That is why it is best to wait for a layer with a base for a couple of minutes, and better all 5, so that the first layer has time to dry, and only then proceed to the design.

We collected examples of the most unfortunate designs that were made at home.

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