In his 104 years old great-grandmother knits wonderful things to decorate his city

Grace Brett is a woman who by her example proves that age is not a hindrance to creativity! Grace, who has long been a great-grandmother, lives in Scotland, in Borders County, and helps decorate the streets with knitted things.

She confesses that since childhood she was fond of crocheting and knitting, as well as the fact that she likes the reaction of people to her work. Grace loves to see smiling children and parents who, passing through the streets of the county, notice the knitted ornaments of their great-grandmother.

Grace Brett can be called the oldest street artist in the world, because her work - knitted things - today adorn the streets in Scotland. It transforms the appearance of houses and at the same time enjoys the process of work. But the main thing that stimulates Grace to knit is, of course, the people's reaction to her work: tied fences, poles, phone booths, knitted toys on the hanger and many other things very much like the local and newcomers.

The love of creativity will never become obsolete, and Grace Brett once again proves it to us with his example.

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